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                                 THE MISSING LINK                          

       When Chevrolet developed the 194-292 CID inline six engine in the late 1950's , air flow through the cylinder head was way down on the list of manufacturing priorities. This engine was, after all, a basic passenger and truck commodity item - from a company that built its reputation on dependability and value for the dollar.

            The cylinder head port placement and arrangement, almost by sheer luck, performed better than anticipated. Still, Chevrolet missed what would have been a relatively simple modification to the intake ports. A modification that would have forever changed the efficiency and performance potential of this engine series.

            Kay Sissell, a California racer and speed merchant, pioneered this development in the mid 1960's with the first “lump-port” performance head. The missing performance link had been discovered! Kay’s head featured the removal of the intake head bolt bosses and welded or brazed-in lumps. The lumps increased the velocity of the air-fuel mixture and turned the charge more effectively into the cylinders. The extreme nature of these modifications meant this was a high dollar piece of performance art. This design, however, made a huge difference in horsepower and set the standard for Chevrolet line six performance - for decades.

            Over the years, several attempts have been made to develop easier, more affordable bolt-in designs. None were widely available or very successful.

            Now, after years of studying these prior designs and countless flow bench hours refining the ultimate Missing Link Design - Twisted 6 Racing is pleased to announce the availability of  the finest virgin alloy aluminum bolt-in intake lumps ever produced.    Combine these lumps with bolt-boss removal and competition valve job, and you have the most horsepower-per-dollar performance-enhancing modification available today. Best of all these Missing Link Design lumps work well for all performance applications - street, strip or oval track - small or large chamber heads with stock or oversized valves,and any intake manifold design.

             The price barrier to high performance has been broken...no welding required!

        Our MLD (Missing Link Design) kits consist of the following:

1. Three high-quality aluminum inserts (lumps) that fit precisely

2. Attaching hardware

3. Special grade-8 head-bolts

4. Complete instructions.

             These kits are in-stock,  ready for shipping world-wide and are priced at $129.95 + shipping. We also offer complete installation into your head or ours.

                 Contact Larry/ Twisted6@T6racing.org   321 - 303- 2742      

For complete pricing information and availability.




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